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Will watering the lawn if it is dead brings it back to life?

Will watering the lawn if it is dead brings it back to life?

Watering plants and grass to revive dehydration

When plants or grass can be easily pulled from the ground they are most likely not recoverable and are very likely dead. When the roots continue to hold that is a good indication the plants or grass are just dormant. Take a section of your brown grass or the plant you are concerned about and pull on it gently, if it comes out with ease it is dead. dead grass and plants will not come back to life but you can take steps to replace or regrow dead lawn and recover plants that are dehydrated and underperforming. Grass and plants can be revived by regular watering, fertilisation and with some extra care and attention. Adding new mulch and groundcover can also help. In plants after about 3-4 weeks of gentle watering new stems should start appearing. Then, as new leaves become more developed, cut stems that are not producing leaves. Follow up with regular but gentle watering for a few minutes each day slowly hydrating the the soil.

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